The RITELLO® R2 Premium Edition


1) Air Purifier and Odor Eliminator

2) Recommended for people with Allergies and Breathing Problems

3) Uses Water to trap Dust and Dirt

4) Dual Power Motor

5) 100% cleaning efficiency – No suction loss

6) No Vacuum Bags

7) Eliminates Dust Mites

8) Ecological Friendly Product

9) Great product to clean and care about your pets

10) Certified as a Health related product


The Ritello® is certified

by the GERMAN Center of Preventative Medicine – ZPMed

and is recommended for Allergies and Asthma sufferers.

The Ritello® Cleaning System is a safe and sound product.

The combination of the water-based/separator technology and a HEPA Neutralizer allows the Ritello® to trap virtually 100% of the household dirt and improves the indoor air quality.

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The Best Solution for Indoor Air Pollution

Imagine Breathing Water-Washed Air that is Free of Dust, Germs and Bacteria continuously inside your Home.
With the Ritello® Home Purifier that is now possible. It is a fact, that Wet dust can’t fly!
Ritello’s Concept is Inspired by the principle of Mother Nature of water-washing.

The Ritello® Home Purifier uses Water to trap dust, dirt, germs and dust mites inside its water basin. 
Once they’re trapped, they’re never going back out. With the Ritello®, clean is here to stay.
While washing your Indoor Air, the Ritello® can also remove bad odors by Aromatizing and Deodorizing, making your Home smell Fresh like a Garden.

Loaded with features

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Cord Winder.jpg
Rubber handle.jpg
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Cord Winder

Rubber handle

Speed Buttons

Programmable LED Screen

Turn Lock Mechanism .jpg
Rubber Wheels.jpg
Illuminated Side Windows.jpg
Ingenious Sliding Doors.jpg

Illuminated Side Windows

Ingenious Sliding Doors

Turn Lock Mechanism

Rubber Wheels