Ritello R2 Premium Edition


1) Air Purifier and Odor Eliminator

2) Recommended for people with Allergies and Breathing Problems

3) Uses Water to trap Dust and Dirt

4) Dual Power Motor

5) 100% cleaning efficiency – No suction loss

6) No Vacuum Bags

7) Eliminates Dust Mites

8) Ecological Friendly Product

9) Great product to clean and care about your pets

10) Certified as a Health related product

The Purello

  • Air Purifier

  • Oil Diffuser


  • LED Lights

  • Built-In Handle

  • Wider Vents for Higher Airflow

  • Tip-Over Safety Cut-off Switch

The Ritello Fragrances


During your cleaning jobs, add a few drops of the Ritello Fragrances inside the water basin and instantly feel the garden inside your home. Each bottle has a highly-concentrated oil based fragrances that can last for several uses.

The smell of a garden inside your home
Inside each Ritello Fragrance pack you will find 4 refreshing scents. Lemon, Apple, Pine, Eucalyptus.