Do you know why the air smells fresh and clean after a rainy day? Because the water washes away all the dust. Wet dust can't fly! Nature has it figured out. But what happens inside your home?

Our all natural air purifier uses this concept to clean the air inside your house! It creates a healthy living space because it eliminates dust, pet dander, allergens, odors and other impurities from your home, mother nature's way.




Perfectly sized to cycle the air in a room. Our air purifier uses fresh water to circulate air in your home environment. By adding essential oils you can create a SPA-like atmosphere. Cold diffusion of essential oils is Carcinogen Free! A 100% Natural Way to remove allergens, purify and eliminate odors. 




Perfect on the go! It can be used in your car, at the office or at home. Each unit includes a USB and a car adapter so you can breathe easy wherever you go. It also emits natural negative ions some call "Vitamins for the Air". Naturally created negative ions are OZONE FREE! The soft blue light provides a soothing calming effect.




Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential into the water. Bring the refreshing smell of nature into your home with our fragrance collection! Available in packs of four.

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