What are you breathing?

  • Studies Show an Average of 200,000 bacteria on every square inch of carpet 

  • Skin cells, food particles, pollen

  • Tiny organisms in dust called mites which live in stuffed furniture, mold, mattress, carpet, and air.


  • Tiny microscopic relatives of the spider (Arachnids)

  • Live in furniture, carpets, cushions, throw pillows, draperies, stuffed animals, pillow and mattresses.

  •  15 proteins in their waste that cause allergic reactions

  • 3 million living Dust Mites in the average queen size mattress

  • Thrive in a dark, dusty environment laying eggs and producing waste. This is now distributed back into the air we breathe.

  • Dead Dust Mites and waste exasperate asthma attacks, respiratory infections, headaches, insomnia and ear infections.

  • In a warm, humid home, dust mites can survive all year 

Perfectly sized to cycle the air in an average sized room. Our air purifier uses fresh water to circulate the air in your home. By adding essential oils you can create a SPA-like atmosphere. Cold diffusion of essential oils is Carcinogen Free! The unit is small and easily sits on a desk or counter.


  • Sanitizes and water-washes the air

  • Can be used for aromatherapy with your favorite essential oil

  • Perfect for removing odors from cooking, pets and smoke

  • Adds moisture to the air as a humidifier Works best on 400 square feet

  • Can cover up to 700 square feet

  • Dimensions: 8 inches x 8 inches x 8 inches

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