Ritello Accessories

Standard Attachments 

The Ritello Powerbrush

A perfect tool for carpets, large rugs and main areas of your house. Cleans the bedding easily. LED-light lens helps to determine every spot needed to be cleaned. 5 hight adjustment foot pedal for perfect work on any surface. Lock/release button.

Ritello Power Brush.jpg

Floor, Wall & Rug Brush

A dual function tool for cleaning the hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, as well the small area rugs. Patented universal joint allows +180° swivel and +90° pivot movement. Hard-to-clean areas can be easily accessed without moving the furniture – due to the nozzle’s compact size & fully articulating neck.


Dusting Brush

An ideal tool for cleaning art objects, blinds, etc. As well it can also be used to gently clean your pets and loose pet hair.

Upholstery Tool

A great tool for cleaning your upholstery and home furnishings. May be used to clean clothes made of wool or delicate fabrics.


Crevice Tool

The Crevice Tool is ideal for narrow and tight areas.

Easy & Quick Connect

Electric Tubes

All Ritellos are equipped with 2 standard Electric-Tubes made of Stainless-Steel and High Quality ABS plastic covers.They are simple to connect and quick for changing cleaning tasks.

Inflator Tool

By attaching the Blower Tool to the Ritello you will be able to inflate beach balls, air mattresses and inflatable toys. It may also be used in “suction” mode, to clean refrigerator coils.


The Vacuum Bag revitalizes the cushions and pillows by extracting the embedded dust right out and traps it all inside the water basin.


Attachment Caddy

It can carry most of the tools you need while cleaning from room-to-room. It can be placed onboard the Ritello or set-aside.


Coil Cleaner

Ideal for cleaning under your washer or dryer and to vacuum off the tiny dust particles or objects that are cornered in tight spots.

Optional Accessories

The Aquajet

The AquaJet is Simple, Practical and a lightweight tool that connects swiftly to the Ritello Main Unit. With carpet cleaning charges on the rise, the AquaJet is a great accessory to rapidly clean, recondition and deodorize your carpets. By using the AquaJet, you can scrub your carpet and dry it in minutes.

The Mini-Powerbrush

The Mini-Powerbrush is an ideal tool to complement for the cleaning of furniture, mattresses, car interiors, and carpeted stairs.  It is a compact, lightweight hand-operated accessory with powerful motorized brush for thorough cleaning.


The Squeegee

The Squeegee (Hard/Soft Brush) is another optional nozzle-head that can be attached on the AquaJet body to clean & mop bare floors. Turn the sponge side over and use the Squeegee Rubber Blade to dry-off the floors.

A great tool to remove ground-in dirt and stain from tile, linoleum and other hard surface floors.


The AquaMop has a microfiber cleaning pad, designed to attract and retain dust and dirt. When you are done cleaning with it, simply throw the pad inside the washing machine.

The Aquamop


During your cleaning jobs, add a few drops of the Ritello Fragrances inside the water basin and instantly feel the garden inside your home. Each bottle has a highly-concentrated oil based fragrances that can last for several uses.

The smell of a garden inside your home
Inside each Ritello Fragrance pack you will find 4 refreshing scents. Lemon, Apple, Pine, Eucalyptus.

The Ritello Fragrances


The Ritello Spray-Gun

Ideal for spraying down plants, windows and grime from tiles’ cracks.
Simply attach it to your Ritello to create a handheld vaporizer.


The Aquabrush

A wonderful upholstery tool that can wash your sofas, car interior and carpeted stairs. Simply, attach the AquaBrush onto the AquaJet tube, then spray the shampoo, scrub and turn your Ritello ON in order to remove stains.


It is the ultimate air purifier that is perfectly sized to be placed on a bedside stand, small table or hallway floor.
Not only does the Purello clean the ambient air but it also vaporizes and aromatizes it. Pour a few drops of the accompanying Ritello fragrances and let it work its scent magic.

The Purello


Based on TRIETHYLENE GLYCOL, the Ritello Deodorizer kills viruses, mold and bacteria while your clean or vape your house. 

The Ritello Deodorizer

You can earn all the accessories with our 3 in 30 Program