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Hydro & Air R-Solutions is an Authorized Ritello™ Distributor in the US. Working in Round Rock TX, since October 2016.

Tyke Callison - Owner/Master Distributor

Ashley Martinez - Inside Distributor/Field Trainer

Tasha Hollenbaugh - Office Manager/Office Trainer

James Bradley - Office Trainer

Tatiana Belenky - Marketing Director

Erika Hidrago - Marketing Assistant


"Our mission is to provide a high quality product that combines performance with value by establishing a successful relationship with our customers.

   We will constantly strive to meet or exceed the needs and expectations of our clientele. Our goal is to stay ahead of the competition by innovating with ideas and services based on customer needs and market demand.

We help families find a natural solution for poor indoor air quality and relief from allergies, asthma and respiratory problems. We provide high quality equipment that is able to naturally clean, purify, aromatize, deodorize and humidify the air.”

Tyke Callison, Owner

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