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The Best Solution for Indoor Air Pollution

Wet dust can't fly!


1. Using Water to Trap Dust

The Ritello works like Mother Nature but in reverse, it uses water, to trap dust, dirt and odors, returning only clean and fresh air to your premises.

2. A Programmable Screen

The unit is equipped with an LED Display Screen to facilitate its use. When on the go, you can simply set the timer for a minimum of 30 minutes or up to a maximum period of 120 minutes. Once the timer is set, the Ritello will start washing your indoor Air and will shut-off at the assigned time.

3. Dual Power

A Powerful Motor technology rotates at 27,000 revolutions per minute that offers double the force of any other system in its line. Dual Power means double the cleaning efficiency. The Ritello separator revolves at high speed to trap the dirt inside the water-basin; while only clean fresh air will return back into your home.

4. Speeds at your Fingertips

The Ritello offers 4 different motor speeds. To wash your Indoor Air select the first speed, then the Ritello will start cleaning your ambient air silently. Select the 2nd and 3rd speeds to clean your Drapes and Upholstery. For the deep-rooted sand select the 4th speed and connect the PowerBrush for best cleaning results.

5. Easy Connect

No more wire tangling, the new Ritello wands have built-in wires for an easy connection. To attach a tool simply twist it onto the wand and snap it on.

6. Pull-Pull Mechanism

A Cord Reel is embedded inside your Ritello to save you time and effort on winding or rewinding the Electric Cord.

7 & 8. Illuminates

Your Ritello & its related PowerBrush illuminate when power is activated. Lights inside the Ritello basin allow you to see the water action and the dirt trapping; while the PowerBrush LED headlights will ensure you do not miss a spot.

9. Height Adjustment

The unique height adjustment pedal offers 5 surface height settings. The PB-G4 series height adjustment can accommodate virtually all carpet piles/densities/thicknesses.

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BUYER BEWARE: Do not purchase your Ritello from an unauthorized Ritello seller.

All Ritellos are strictly sold through Authorized Independent Ritello Distributors.

Upon purchasing a Ritello from an Authorized Distributor, you are buying several years of product improvement and originality.
Additionally, your Ritello is supported by Librex Group Inc. and by your local Independent Authorized Ritello Distributor.

Ritellos are NOT sold online, nor any price listings are genuine. Warning: any purchase from an internet retailer like eBay or Amazon.com — is unauthorized!
While Librex empathises with customers who mistakenly purchased from an unauthorized Internet sellers, Librex can only provide warranty on the Ritello product to its Authorized Distributors.

Purchasing from an unauthorized source, means You will not receive warranty that is backed by the manufacturer – Librex Group Inc.
Any warranties offered by unauthorized sellers is worthless. Ritellos advertised online as “Brand new,” may actually be used. You may not know until you receive it!

The Advantages of Purchasing from an Official Ritello Distributor or Dealer is that You have seen the product live / demonstrated to you – an Authorized Ritello Distributor is committed to customer satisfaction.